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Louis Jambou
Louis Jambou (Querrien, 1936)


He dealed Hispanic and musical studies, in Nantes (Conservatoire), Nanterre (University), Paris (Conservatoire and Sorbona) and Madrid (Complutense) joining both orientations in the investigation on the music in the Iberian peninsula. In a peculiar way his investigations have turned on theory, institutions, organology and musical practices that have published several books and about one hundred and fifty essays and articles. His first university work, in 1969, turned on the musical theory of Correa de Arauxo'. Pensioned in Casa de Velázquez in Madrid, between 1974 and 1977, he was a General Secretary of his artistic activities between 1978 and 1988. Professor of History of the Music and Musicology of the University of Paris-Sorbona, he has been the director of his Doctoral School as well as of his Department. He has founded the collection "Musiques/Écritures" of this university and has directed its group "Patrimoines musicaux". At present, emeritus teacher, he also directs the group of investigation "musical Lexique of the Renaissance".


He has received the silver medal of the cultural merit of the Spanish Ministerio de Cultura and he is a corresponding member of the Spanish-American Academy of Cadiz and of the Royal Academy of San Fernando's Fine arts of Madrid.