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Once more, the 14th Academia Fray Joseph de Echevarria will deal with several aspects about the performance of organ music. Bach´s work will play the leading role of the section which takes place at San Andrés Church (Carrión de los Condes) every year. This time the guest professor will be Pieter Dirksen (The Netherlands) who will contribute with his personal vision about the trio sonatas and the partitas for organ.

Last year´s course started a new section centred around the new organ (by Acitores´workshop) at Palencia School of Music. This section will be continued by Pier Damiano Peretti, who will consider the different meanings and implications of the term "choral" along with the 19th century.

The Academia 2010 will pay special attention to Antonio de Cabezón, whose 500 birth anniversary is celebrated this year. Thanks to Montserrat Torrent´s skillful playing as well as other important theories presented by Louis Jambou, Andrés Cea y Juan Carlos Asensio we will be immerse in the different features of Cabezón and his legacy.